About Me

Hello All,

My name is Saurabh Gudhate and I am from Pune, India.Like most of you I am also Digital Marketer by profession.

Actually my professional carrier started as Marketing Engineer at HY-Tech Engineers pvt ltd after completing BE in Mechanical. This was a field job were I meet with clients and pitch them our company’s product which was pneumatic cylinders.

While doing this job I was looking for better opportunities to earn side income. While doing search on internet for side income source I got known about digital marketing and how one can generate income by doing digital marketing.

After doing more research on digital marketing I found out there are multiple channels for doing digital marketing like seo, social media, sem, email marketing, etc. I also found many online courses and institute offering digital marketing courses.

I have done both online course from udemy and classroom training from school of digital marketing Pune.

After doing online course from Udemy I got internship at Indiacom.com local online listing company. Indiacom has listing of all banks, hospital, hotels and manufacturer in India.

I was handling all the digital marketing operations for Indiacom like doing seo (on-page and off-page), handling their social media accounts and running ads. Mainly I was responsible for increasing their Google adsense revenue by generating traffic from various sources like search engine and social media. I was successful to increase the adsense revenue by 40% in period of six months.

After leaving Indiacom I started doing freelancing work for some companies with my content writer friend Ajay Bangad.

At this moment I am working with Machintel as Email Marketer while still doing some freelancing work.

While doing freelancing and working at Machintel I figured out that I am more interested in doing SEO. So I have joined this internship program by Sanjay Shenoy which offers internship in seo.

As an assignment of this internship program and to execute and learn I have started this blog.

In digital marketing you have to experiment with things and learn from those experiments to build your marketing strategies.

Apart from digital marketing I like to play sports, do weight training, and watch movies and series on weekends.

On weekends I like to spend more time with my family and friends. Going out and having fun are things I do on my off days. I am also developing the habit of reading books and blogs for improving my content writing as I am new to it.

I am trying to write about SEO on my blog here. I will try to answer every question about seo you have through this blog. I hope you will help me with my endeavour by spreading the word.

So do experiment the things I write about on your website as digital marketing and seo is all about doing.

P.S As you now known about my professional life, hope you will continue to show support by following me on social media. You can find me here:

Facebook: Saurabh Gudhate

LinkedIn: Saurabh Gudhate